The combination of static security with electronic detection material provides for quick action in the case of a problem: fire, accident, technical failure, water infiltration, etc. It also offers a dissuading force against unwanted entry to your sites.

PGSE offers specially-trained and selected security guards. These can either be armed, or not.

We work with you to put together processes aiming for efficient surveillance, such as:

Entrance and exit control
Securing barriers and doors
Orientation of visitors
Management of keys and badges
Management of electronic surveillance systems
Technical installations control and surveillanc



Many sites are more vulnerable to intrusion due to their location and / or sheer size. In such cases, mobile security becomes the most appropriate and cost-efficient solution to mitigate risks.

PGSE establishes patrols of specially-trained agents for:

  • Perimeter patrols (including doors and windows)
  • Internal parols (technical risks, fire, water infiltration, etc.)
  • Presence control
  • Opening and closing patrols
  • Patrol reports


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Man and dog form a very good security team that can perform specific missions. A dog can easily sense an intruder and performs well in stormy conditions or darkness. It can also be a powerful agent of disuasion.

PGSE offers agents who owns their own dogs and have been trained specifically to function as a security team. All our teams possess the physical and mental abilities to conduct their missions, and are continuously being trained.

Our dog unit teams can intervene for:

  • Surveillance and access control
  • Preventive patrols
  • Control patrols
  • Intrusion detection

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